About my journey!

Welcome to Fat Man to Marathon. I created this blog site as a way to keep myself accountable to my journey! This journey will be a struggle, as I have found the first week. With work and mostly my son’s soccer and hockey schedule tends to take care of my free time.

At one time my weight was 310 pounds sitting on a 5’7″ body. Yes, I was FAT! I have lost 70 pounds of that (math…yes, now I am 240 pounds) monstrosity. But, this is not my goal weight. I am wanting to get down to a reasonable 175 pounds. To help me get down to that weight I decided to put my feet to the ground.

I have started to do some walking here at first just to get my legs going, and will start to add in some jogging. I hope to be just jogging within a couple of months.

So why call my blog “Fat Man to Marathon”? Well, as you read, I am not exactly a skinny person, but I am working on it. Marathon? That is where I want to be. My goal is to run in the St. Jude’s Marathon in December of 2022. After that, in 2023, I want to do the Rim to Rim to Rim challenge at the Grand Canyon. These two challenges are lofty things, but I believe they are achievable! Why set out to do something and not have a goal in mind? You set the goal(s) then find a way to accomplish them.

Now, that I set the goal…

Let the Journey Begin!

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